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Why SMEs Can't Ignore Cyber Security Anymore

For a very long time, lots of small and medium scale businesses (SMEs) continued to operate on the verge of the internet, even when a large portion of the world relied on it. The internet was a part of their business, but yet they could do without it. That situation has changed over the years; in fact, it is easy to start an SME these days with very little physical infrastructure. While this has made it easier for small businesses to connect with a very large customer base, it also brought with it some challenges.

The Impact of IT security on SMEs

IT security is essential to the continuity of a business in this day when a large volume of business-sensitive information is stored within organizational IT networks. When there is an occurrence of data compromise or malicious attack on the network system of a large corporation, it could cripple their business for a long time. However, when an attack like this occurs in a small business, it could shut down business operation for a long time or even permanently.

A huge aspect of communication within a small business and even externally, rely on web-based applications and social media platforms, if these are compromised, then communication would be affected. The list of the effects of IT security breaches includes financial loss, irreparable damage to reputation, and even irrecoverable data loss.

According to a new report from Continuum, the state of cybersecurity among small businesses needs to improve in 2019, even though small business owners now see out managed service providers to provide them with cybersecurity.

How SMEs can implement Cybersecurity in their businesses

It is necessary for any business, especially small businesses, as they usually have a lot to lose in the case of an attack to remain one step ahead when it comes to cybersecurity issues.

SMEs need to install high-security firewalls to ensure that they are protected from the destructive hands of external and internal breaches. It is also very important that anti-virus is installed on all systems that perform all the basic requirements of the company, and I don’t mean the intermediate off the shelf software, as these would usually not meet the level of IT security required.

One very effective way for small businesses to circumvent their cybersecurity problem is by seeking out the service of Managed Service Providers (MSP), to provide them with a cybersecurity solution. The secret is to find an MSP the offer cybersecurity as part of the one-stop services that they offer. This way, a small business can get the full support of a specialized security solution, as well as save money on the overall operation of their business.

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