Information about acrotec

Established in 2007 we are a Sydney based managed IT services provider (MSP). Born out of our desire to bring together our love for technology and world class service. 

As founders we have assembled an amazing team of talented technical experts with experience right across the IT spectrum. 

Our main focus is to ensure each and every one of our customers receives impeccable service levels. 


Become Australia's leading IT enabler, solving our customers' challenges through innovative solution based expertise.


We will deliver world class customer service, through the efforts of our diverse and talented teams, who are dedicated to our customers' success.


We will empower our teams, whilst operating sustainability and contributing to our communities.

Joel Zuluaga

An experienced business owner passionate about delivering customer satisfaction. Joel's passion for the industry started at a young age and has continued into his business.  

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Jon Beatie

Jon is a highly skilled technical expert in many facets of IT, his core skills lie in his ability to create network solutions for clients. When Jon is not working you'll find him out enjoying his motorbikes.

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