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Case Study

Watson Webb

Enhancing data security while facilitating remote work for a high demand law firm.

Before engaging Acrotec, Watson Webb were using a physical server which was located onsite which staff would access via a VPN when access was required remotely. All files and software, including their crucial legal practice management software, was installed on the server.

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Watson Webb (formerly MDW Law) specialise in Commercial and Corporate Law including Litigation, Advisory, Insolvency, Employment, Construction and Property Law.

Client Industry:

Size of company:
<50 employees

Sydney - Australia

Acrotec proposed the following solutions to ensure the safety of all data and the ease of access from any location:

  • Moving all staff to Azure AD to increase security and offer the ability for users to be managed and secured at any location. 

  • Moving data to SharePoint, which would then be backed up via a SaaS backup solution.

  • Migrate the legal practice management software to the cloud, allowing staff to access the software from any location and then backing up the software.

  • Backing up emails to a SaaS solution, including historical emails to ensure continuity.

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Watson Webb approved all proposed solutions which has allowed the business to go from strength to strength. Throughout the pandemic, having the ability to work remotely allowed the business to work seamlessly from anywhere without worrying about how they would access and secure their data.

Recently the firm relocated to another location where Acrotec were involved in organising business grade internet, cabling, and cable management and also a Teams phone system and a full Yealink Teams meeting room.


As Acrotec had previously moved the legal practice management software and data to the cloud, the move to the new office was seamless, with no impact to clients or risk to their data. Had the firm retained their physical server and on premise systems, the move would have led to a significant amount of downtime and challenge with risk to the business moving a physical server and associated equipment.

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