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Optimising telecommunication and internet services saved $60,000 per annum and increased inter-site connectivity 

Vic’s proactive approach to auditing, optimising, and upgrading their communication services showcases their commitment to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and technological advancement. By leveraging these improvements, they are well-positioned to thrive in their industry

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Vic’s are the leading provider of premium quality meats, supplying to 75% of the country’s top 100 restaurants, and have a processing plant along with multiple high-end stores throughout the country.

Client Industry:
Retail and Wholesale Meat

Size of company:
>50 employees


Acrotec conducted a telecommunication and internet services audit across the Vic's business

  • Vic’s Meat recognised the need to optimise their telecommunication and internet services 

  • To achieve this Vic's engaged Acrotec to conduct a comprehensive audit of their existing infrastructure

  • During the audit, Acrotec meticulously reviewed all aspects of their communication systems, including telephony and internet services

  • The audit was crucial to identify inefficiencies, redundancies and areas for improvement.

Findings and Improvements

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The audit highlighted a number of areas for optimisation, which included:

Identification of Unused Services

  • One of the key findings from the audit was the presence of multiple unused services that were still being billed.​

  • All unused services were cancelled, reducing costs and streamlining the overall communication set up


​Enhanced Internet Connectivity​

  • Vic's internet and network infrastructure was outdated and unreliable​

  • Vic's recognised that reliable internet connectivity was essential for their operations

  • Internet infrastructure was upgraded across all sites, ensuring faster data transfer speeds, improved reliability, and enhanced productivity.


​Transition to Teams Calling​

Vic’s made a strategic move by implementing Teams Calling, a feature-rich calling system. This transition offered several advantages over their previous system:​​


  • Advanced Features: Teams Calling provided the business with features such as video conferencing, collaboration tools, and seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 applications.

  • Scalability: As Vic’s continues to grow, Teams Calling allows the business to scale to accommodate their evolving communication needs.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Teams Calling provided a cost-effective solution, resulting in significant savings.


     Vic's benefited in many ways:

      Improved communication throughout the business

      Efficiency gains through faster, more reliable internet

      Upgraded, reliable infrastructure 

      Increased Productivity 

      Substantial cost savings of approximately $60,000 per annum

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