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Top 5 Advantages of Using OneDrive for your Business

Remote work is a real thing now, thanks to modern technology and the current global situation. This means that you need to be able to work from anywhere and access your information on the go. The more conveniently you can access information, the more productivity gets boosted. Amongst all other business/work tools, OneDrive is a gem that was created by Microsoft.

The goal of making OneDrive was simple, to provide enough cloud storage. With time that motto changed the outlook of businesses, whether big or small. As time passed, OneDrive became more intelligent than before. It serves as a gateway to access, retrieve, and share data, both online and offline. The core benefit is that you can access your files anytime, regardless of your location. But is that the only benefit to OneDrive? Certainly not! Let’s discuss more about the benefits of OneDrive for your business.

1. Security

To those who are worrying about sending sensitive information, Microsoft has developed a feature that consists of IT administrators. The administrators include a wide range of sharing capabilities through the OneDrive Center. This implies that the administrators can set levels based on the information shared by the company. They can also enforce link expirations so that users can only view or utilise links for a limited period. The admins can choose whether to allow a particular user or not while sharing content.

2. Availability

OneDrive is always at your service, whenever you need it. The Microsoft data centers help companies stock storage hardware so that these companies can take advantage of infrastructure, software, and use their services. Microsoft has also implemented fault tolerance into its data centers. Their fault tolerance is built into other Availability Zones so that if a data center slacks down, the secondary center will act as the primary node.

3. Integration with Microsoft office

Because Microsoft owns OneDrive, it works closely with MS Office apps. You can quickly launch office apps and see your recent documents, including those saved to OneDrive. For Office 365 subscribers, you can collaborate with other people in real-time using OneDrive.

4. Free storage

Whether for professional or personal use, everyone wants a cloud service with free storage space. Keeping that in mind, OneDrive offers its users a whopping 15GB of free storage space. You can also get other storage facilities by linking OneDrive to your mobile device’s camera to back up the documents, files, photos, etc., automatically.

5. Offline work

Using OneDrive sync, users can download content to their work devices or platforms without even connecting to the internet. This feature quickly makes OneDrive the most preferred cloud storage platform for businesses. Once your documents are synced to OneDrive, you are good to go! What makes OneDrive unique is the Microsoft Office Integration. The integration helps users share files directly from Office apps to OneDrive. Your entire company team can work in collaboration and provide insights or suggestions to a project.

The integration of OneDrive with Office 365 is a hot topic these days! Businesses that run remotely have suddenly gained a pace with OneDrive as the users can create and collaborate on projects more frequently without fearing the security issues. Also, OneDrive is very easy to use and handle, a thumbs up for that too.

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