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Top 3 CRM Solutions For SMBs In 2020

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is the lifeline of growth for small businesses. It maintains the balance among the growing number of customers, employees, and revenue.

CRM system streamlines the organizational and workflow processes in a small business. From sales forecasting to email marketing, a great CRM is the jack of all tread.

What do you look for in a great CRM software?

The CRM system market has numerous options. Thus, picking the best one for your business is always a daunting task.


Small businesses (SMB) work with tight budgets. Thus, budget-friendly CRM solutions must gain the upper hand.

Despite limited features and CRM tools, SMBs’ sometimes prefer free versions.

Easy to Customize

Even the top CRM system will fail to attract businesses if they cannot be customized. SMBs prefer easy to customize the software for a more versatile business process.

Data entry volume in CRM is enormous. Thus, it would help if you split them according to your preferences to achieve business goals.

Customer Service

SMB teams are small, and they need a quick response to any technical issues. They will always look for a CRM system that has dedicated and responsive customer service.

Through either a live chat or a hotline, an excellent CRM for SMB should answer promptly.

Easy to understand

SMBs’ do not have extra time to learn the software. They need an easy one that can be learned while working with it.

Top 3 CRM software for small businesses

However, we have rounded up the top 3 CRM based on the features above.

1.  Zoho

Zoho is a packed CRM system that can easily take care of SMB project management. It offers sales process, marketing automation, and contact manager features.If you have a website, Zoho will track the visitors. Also, it will offer lead scoring, sales signals, and many more. You will get real-time lead management from the Zoho.   Most of these features are available in the Professional and Enterprise version. However, the free version works great for SMBs.

2.          Salesforce CRM

This pioneering CRM software offers an AI aided management system for your small business. It can maintain a large portfolio of associated software from Salesforce and its partners’ platforms. One of the best things about Salesforce is it is easily customizable. You will love the smooth workflow processes despite having numerous advanced features. Learning every feature of this CRM may be tedious. However, you will find it worthy to use in your business.

3.          Hubspot CRM

This is the Free CRM software for any business. You will get all the great features without spending a penny. You can track any activities of your company, modify company profiles, and maintain contacts with this freeware CRM solution.Assigning new tasks and track, their progress is like a breeze with the Hubspot CRM.  Hubspot CRM can easily handle large customer data sets. It can dissect that enormous database according to your business preferences. Unlike any other CRM software, Hubspot can be integrated with leading CRMs like Shopify, Microsoft Dynamics, and SalesForce.

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