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How To Be More Productive Everywhere With Office 365

Office 365 is one of the best office solutions in the world. It is a cloud service offered by Microsoft that allows you to access Office applications on any device, and from any location. 

Office 365 allows you and your team to collaborate without being in the same place which increases everyone's productivity. 

What's fantastic about this Web-based toolkit is that Microsoft provides regular updates and allows your team to share documents freely and connect easily with colleagues. 

Multiple users can easily view and edit work in real-time. When you are trying to meet a deadline, every second counts and the Office 365 toolkit helps you with your productivity, enabling you to meet your deadline. 

Office 365 is not like other Microsoft Office tools, and here we show you how it differs and how you can be more productive with the help of the toolkit. So let's get started.

Cloud-Based Office 365 Groups

So Office 365 groups can vary in their usage and helpfulness. With such a variety of uses, your team becomes more productive and collaborative in its efforts. 

You can increase your team's productivity through as an ongoing team or on a specific project. 

Workgroups nowadays tend to be short-lived and are more accurate in their goals or are permanent groups that serve the purpose of collaboration within the organisation. 

Office 365 offers its users' tools that are not just limited to a simple distribution list. 

You can create a group that has a Shared Group Calendar and a Cloud location for Group/Team files. These features make it an ideal tool for companies to use when ramping up their efficiency and productivity in general. 

Access To Documents On Every Device From Anywhere

Imagine a platform that allows you to get on with your day while also working on a big presentation for tomorrow - that's what Office 365 offers you. 

You can start your PowerPoint presentation on your office desktop and share it for review with your colleagues. After sharing it, you leave the office for a client meeting. 

On your way to the meeting, you see a notification pop up on your phone, showing your colleagues' comments on tomorrow's presentation. 

As your day goes on, you see the new inputs, and your colleagues want to discuss it with you for a final review. 

With the Meet Now feature, everyone on the team can join and edit the PowerPoint deck and finalise the presentation as a group, ensuring that you are ready for the big meeting tomorrow. 

All this is what makes Office 365 an excellent option for organisations to integrate as a communication tool to help increase productivity. 

Plan Better With Your Team Using Microsoft Planner

So Microsoft Planner is a fantastic tool that you get with Office 365. It's way better than the simple Outlook tasks, and unlike the "hard to figure out" Microsoft Project, it's much more user friendly. The best part is that it comes included within the Office 365 toolkit. 

With the Microsoft Planner feature, you can create tasks, assign them, reassign them, and attach group files. You can also track the progress with status updates and comments. 

The feature brings accountability and transparency to tasks ensuring success for your projects. You can get Microsoft Planner on Windows, iOS, and Android devices. 

If you have a lot of projects and tasks, the Planner Hub can quickly track and find what needs completion. You can follow your task list and stay organised and focused. 

The Microsoft Planner feature in the Office 365 toolkit is a lifesaver for people handling multiple tasks or projects. It helps keep things organised and boosts productivity.

Manage Your Team Perfectly With Microsoft Teams

So Office 365 provides you with a great collaborative tool, in Microsoft Teams. It's perfect for managing teams as it works as a hub where you can work around your content. 

You can use Microsoft Teams to communicate with your team through chats and online meetings. Microsoft Teams is a fantastic tool because it has a lot of Office 365 tools built right into it, making it a perfect tool for collaboration and teamwork. 

It allows you to access your Team files and Planner tasks within the tool, minimising your time wasted, and increasing your productivity. You can use the Microsoft Team feature inside of your browser or download the available app. 

You can even access third-party tools in your Team Hub whilst using Microsoft Teams, making it a versatile tool for any organisation looking to increase productivity. 

Microsoft Teams allows you to pull in information from other tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, GitHub, or Jira to SurveyMonkey and Zendesk into a central location. 

What this means is that you can easily collaborate with your team around related content and conversations.

Use SharePoint Team Site For Better Collaboration

SharePoint powers all the Office 365 tools, and one of the best tools that Office 365 offers you is the SharePoint Team Site. Now, this tool is not for groups that have a relatively small lifetime. 

It's more like a hub for an entire organisation. With SharePoint Team Site, you will be able to access files or see what's trending within your team. 

You can post updates, news, and other relevant information. You can also add videos, or connectors for things like GitHub, Google Analytics, etc. on your SharePoint Team Site. 

Plus, it is effortless to set up and use. The SharePoint document libraries feature in the Office 365 tool helps you enhance the document management process. 

You can also automate your workflow and reduce lag in operation with Microsoft Flow; it comes in the SharePoint Team Site tool. 

Increase Your Team's Productivity By Integrating Office 365

These are just some of the ways the Office 365 toolkit can help you increase your team’s productivity. 

It's a fantastic toolkit that you should look to integrate within your operation if you want to see a reduction in lag time and increase productivity. Remember, if you can increase efficiency, you will see a reflection in your ROI!

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