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Mobile Device Management – Top 3 Benefits of Implementing MDM In Small Businesses

The world is functioning on handheld devices, from the cell phone to PDAs’, every device is contributing, especially in small businesses. However, these devices need a system for safety, and this is where Mobile device Management (MDM) comes into play. 

MDMs are a part of the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) suite. It helps you to manage the mobile devices of your employees safely and efficiently. Nearly 70% of the SMBs worldwide use this mobile device management solution.

As most Australian small businesses (SMBs’) don’t have a dedicated IT department or even an employee as an IT manager, securely managing those personal devices becomes a big issue for protecting both corporate and personal data.  


Enforce mobile device use policy 

You can enforce device use policies through the MDM mobile application management. The MDM server works on cloud base platform or on-sites and can impose those policies. 

Cloud-based products are great for SMBs as they do not have a dedicated IT section. These virtual MDM services do not require any IT professional for maintenance. 

On the contrary, on-site products will give you complete control over the installation and customization. The server needs to be connected with a data center. Both the set-up comes with equal security features. 

These policies will ensure the security of personal and corporate data as well as the fair use of smartphones, tablets, or other PDAs. The over-the-air (OTA) distribution system implements the application that introduces several verification processes for each of the devices. 

Multiple security features for various devices 

Whether you provide company devices or have a bring your device (BYOD) policy, the MDM will secure all of them. This mobile device management software comes with diverse security and application features.

Tracking the devices, their activities, or using strong passwords are part of the MDMs mobility security. If any of the devices are lost, you can wipe all the data remotely. The MDM server will linkup with the mobile operator and will do the wiping. 

You can encrypt data inside individual devices using the MDM software. The functions will access the data centre and encrypt the data. This way, you can secure all the sensitive information of your corporate network, businesses, and communications. 

Affordable for SMBs

You can use the MDM software in all your corporate devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PDAs, at an affordable cost. Most of the MDM services charge you per device. A recent study by Oxford Economics revealed the monthly price for professional MDMs ranges from $ 3.25 to $9.

The free versions are always available; however, you will not get all the security features. You’ll have to pay extra to get the complete mobile device security and accessibility solution.

The prices may hike if you add extra features. It will depend on the size and type of your business and of course, the turnover. It is recommended by the experts that you use the typical free trial period before you go for the purchase. 

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