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4 Signs It's Time to Switch to New Managed IT Service Provider (MSP)

If you notice that you are not getting as much service as you are paying your MSP for, you might need to have a look at the list below:

1. Unforgivable response times: it is typical for any business, including your own to experience internet outages and server downtime; we can hold it against the MSP. However, it becomes a problem when your MSP does not handle it as soon as possible, and such downtime causes you to lose customer or effective work period. If your MSP takes ages to respond to your server or internet outage problem, and it tends to happen often, then you need to start considering a new MSP. Downtimes could cost you money and productivity.

2. If your MSP does not provide data backup for your business: In the world we live in today, digital information is everything. Therefore, if for any reason, you lose data or company information because your MSP does not provide you consistent and secure data backup system, you need to change your provider. Your failure to protect your data and the data of your clients can lead to numerous lawsuits, and just losing your data for any reason could cost your company a whole lot of money.

3. The Inability of your MSP to Scale: Your current MSP may have been doing everything just right, but as of recent, they have been unable to keep up with your growth. Then you might have to get into a conversation with them on how they can cope with your increase in data traffic, or how you can migrate your business to an MSP that can handle larger traffic. This is important because, if for any reason, you have an event that requires many your clients to be online at once and your MSP cannot handle the traffic, you will have a huge customer crisis to deal with.

4. Invoices that don’t add up: Your MSP is supposed to help you conserve cost by providing the best service possible at the agreed price. However, if the invoices you keep receiving from your MSP seem always to have extra equipment or data cost that you don’t know about, you need to switch. You can discuss the excesses with the management of your MSP, but if they don’t have a viable explanation, then move your business to a new provider.

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