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Five Ways Microsoft Teams Can Benefit Your Business

Image credits: Microsoft

Microsoft Teams has taken communication between employer and employees to a whole new level with its impressive features and its unique user interface that makes working easier and increases productivity amongst workers.

Teams is an addition to the new Office365, and it has perfected the shortcomings of Skype for business to give you a more efficient channel of communication. Here’s why you should be using Teams if you aren’t already;

Benefits of Microsoft Teams to small businesses

1. Real-time Chat

Information needs to be distributed among your staff and sending emails to each one of them has solved that, but what about when they aren’t available at that moment to give you a reply? Most projects are delayed because you don’t know if the employee is online or if they’ve read the mail. Teams lets you see when everyone is online, and you can send private and real-time group messages and get instant feedback, which increases work progress.

Audio and video calls have also been integrated into the Microsoft teams to make the whole communication experience easy and seamless.

2. All working tools are in one place

Everything you need to work can be integrated into Teams to make working faster. You don’t need to jump from tab to tab when you have all you need available in one place. Saving you the stress of closing or minimising an application to access another. This increases the level of productivity within the company.

Group discussions made possible

You can send general information to everybody at the same time and receive feedback from them in one place since it’s something everyone can relate to and is expected to contribute to at that moment. There’s no point in having several open conversations with all your employees (which can be quite messy) when you can get everyone to contribute to the matter of state in one place.

Connect to third-party services

Teams allows you to connect with over 150 third-party services such as social media accounts which lets you receive updates from various platforms. This means the Managing Director doesn’t need to be on Teams to send a message to the workers. Wherever you are, as long as you are connected to Microsoft Teams sending information is so easy.

Maximum security

All corporate data is kept safe with Teams by leveraging Intune in Office365. Intune protects all the devices used by your employees to access the company’s data. It also ensures that all security rules are obeyed by each user to ensure maximum security of all company information.

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