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5 Ways to Secure a Mobile Workforce

Before reading about the ways of securing the mobile workforce, having a basic guideline about it is necessary. So, what is a mobile workforce? It is a workforce where a group of employees work collectively utilizing mobile technology such as computers, phones, and other devices. These workforces aren’t tied to a particular physical location and thus gives the employees the freedom to work from anywhere.

The idea of a mobile workforce is to make it easier for the employees to access any data and work accordingly. By simply being at home for example, they are getting their jobs done more efficiently and often in less time.

Benefits of having a mobile workforce

  • Easier access to data without moving physically

  • Cuts down unwanted costs in a business

  • Enables an open communication environment

  • Offers insights about employees to work more efficiently

Mobile workforce security measures

Although the advent of technology has made mobile managing more manageable, some drawbacks come with it. Hackers are constantly targeting vulnerable websites if mobile workforce management isn’t vigilant enough. Some organizations even track websites to collect sensitive information, which doesn’t only violate policies but also endangers a user/client’s private details. Not to mention various malware and viruses can corrupt any file that holds important data to it. To combat these problems, some steps are suggested below.

1. Keeping the connection secured

Many websites containing information still don't do this. Keeping your connection secured is a must. Using an encrypted VPN not only hides your location but also prevents the chance of interception and stealing.

2. Working with a secured Wi-Fi connection

As much as public Wi-Fi connection can get your work done in a jiffy, whether you are in a coffee shop or waiting at the airport for your flight, you should use them cautiously. These Wi-Fi connections are easy targets for hackers. As public Wi-Fi has access to many users, the passwords are not that secure and hence create loopholes for the hackers to sneak in. What you can do here is to use mobile data plans on your phone and connect that way. If your job demands a laptop, connect your laptop either by USB tethering or just simply turning on your mobile’s hotspot. That way it’s only restricted to you.

3. Password and authentication

Most hackers take advantage of a weak password. Typing some random letters isn’t adequate these days. To make your passwords stronger, opt for a password with a mixture of numbers, different upper and lowercase letters along with at least one special character. If you are worried about forgetting the password, keep it written in a diary and put it in a safe place where only you or a trusted person can access it. It is also advised to change your password every 3-6 months.

Every device and website offers multiple-factor authentication nowadays. The authentication factors can be a text message, captcha, voice authentication, etc. Enabling two or more factor authentication will create a major hiccup to the hacking or intercepting process. The many you enable, the better.

4. Antivirus solution

It’s mandatory to install antivirus software on your desktop, laptop, phone, and other devices. This will make sure no malware or virus can corrupt your valuable sources and files while you are working remotely. Installing an antivirus also helps with providing VPN and extra security in your web browsers.

5. Updating apps and software regularly

If you are using a mobile device to access your online workplace, always do it with the certified apps. Don’t use third-party apps as they can accelerate the chance of making your device infected with viruses and malware. Also regular updates will not only give you the most stable solution but also strengthen any outdated app or software.

Over time cyber-crimes will always increase and hackers will eventually find new ways to tamper with the existing systems but that shouldn’t stop us from progressing. Following these steps strictly will create a shield against all the malice that lurks into the cyber world.

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