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Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Work less, do more

With so many questions around Microsoft’s product - Teams, we thought it would be relevant to share our thoughts on the top 5 tips for Teams!

What is Microsoft Teams?

A market leading collaboration app, Microsoft Teams is designed specifically for the modern workplace. Its integration with the Office suite of applications and Skype enable consistent chat conversations at a team level as well as peer-to-peer in private forums. The Skype integration enables users to transfer written chat to a voice or video conferencing call at the click of a button. The option to utilise emojis, GIFs, stickers and custom memes gives users the opportunity to add their own presence.

Here's why people are adopting it:

Teams makes communicating one-on-one and with groups a 'snap' collaboration that happens in real time. Teams keeps people in the loop and can include screen share, voice, the power of video communication and more. All your documents, edits and conversations can be worked on together through a single platform. The central interactive hub provides a quicker decision making, reduces email overload and eliminates distance issues. 

Read on for our 5 hot tips for Teams!      

1.  Email Relief

Almost all of us receive an overwhelming number of emails. Move casual and project email conversations to Teams. The interactive and visual medium of Teams is perfect for asking teammates quick questions, engaging in a fast decision making back forth dialogue and moving the social discussion from the one way medium of email to the more natural flow offered by Teams.

Send email to teams Keep all your team communications organised and accessible in one place by sending pertinent emails to the relevant channel. To create a channel email address right click on a channel and select “Get email address” in the dropdown menu.

2.  Meetings in Moments

You can start a voice or video call right from within the channel or private chat. Invite the whole team, or just those you need, to video call, screen share and collaborate.

Meet now by clicking on the video or voice call in the conversations tab, or Schedule a meeting by clicking Meetings in the left navigation pane, then clicking Schedule. You can stay in touch no matter where you are. The rich client, available for both desktop and mobile platforms, gives you all the tools you need to stay part of the teams

3.  Automation

Did you know you can create automated workflows between Teams and your favorite apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more? 

Add a connector: Connectors send updates, dashboards and information directly to your chosen channel, and include over 60 of your favourite services like Trello, Asana, Salesforce, Google Analytics and more.  To add go to a channel, click the more icon next to the channel name, then select Connectors, or create your own.

Add a tab: tabs connect to other Microsoft services (like Excel, SharePoint, Power BI, Visual Studio Team Services, Kanban boards and more), integrate third-party apps and services (like Asana, YouTube, Zendesk, and more), or allow you to add a website of your choice directly to a tab. You can add a tab to any channel by clicking the + icon next to your tabs, or create your own.

Use a Flow Template: Like IFTTT, Flow enables you to create automated workflows between apps and services.  Use preset Teams templates, or sign up/in and create your own.

4.  Bandwidth

The dynamic multimedia collaboration aspects of Teams cause some IT departments concern. Use the bandwidth calculator to assess the approximate network traffic.  If you are worried about bandwidth, the calls and meetings section of Teams lets you choose if users will be allowed to video or screen share during meetings.

5.  Tips for Successful Kickoff

Even when something amazing comes along, changing habits can be hard work. Tips for a successful kickoff include:

Begin with 2 or 3 pilot groups – let word of mouth prime the rest of the team. Identify team champions – charge them with encouraging others. Pre-populate channels with interesting content. Clearly define each team and channels purpose – set goals and add this in the title and description field – ie: “Fun” Looking for 10 great ideas for fun company social events to be held throughout the year.

Ask team members to commit to a “Teams first” approach - using Microsoft Teams as the primary way to communicate with each other and collaborate on projects

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