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3 Security Features To Keep Your Data Safe In Office 365

Collaborative and operational access increases the risk of a data security breach in a company. Companies that thrive on employee collaboration and communication over various platforms and software tend to have a problem of not knowing how much access is too much access for an employee. Companies needed to know that they need not worry about downloaded sensitive documents by their employees to external devices. This is why many IT teams of large companies usually opt for third party security options as a means of protecting their data. This often leads to extra cost, extra effort, and time of integration with their collaborative software.

Microsoft Office 365 have, however, found a way to fix this problem by integrating different forms of security at every level. The security offered covers applications, physical data centers as regards to end-user access, and control. This new security protocols introduced by Microsoft aims to help organizations reduce the cost of data security while enabling operational flexibility.

Here are some of the important security features of Microsoft Office 365:

Compliance Guardian

This is a form of data protection that occurs centrally in organizations to help them protect their content throughout its lifecycle. This feature allows an organization to define automated policies centrally, to prevent external/unauthorized sharing, and unfettered access by an employee.

With this feature, your organization can easily create alerts, and create restrictions when a file is being shared, or block its external sharing completely.

Advanced Cloud Data Protection

Apart from your employees sharing the wrong information, your organization also need to protect against strangers having access to your sensitive files. One of the layers of protection that Office 365 offers is the physical layer protection. The physical layer protection involves restricted access to Microsoft’s data centers and expansive perimeter protection. You get access to control lists and segmented networks to improve performance and boost security. Office 365 offers micro admin controls, an advanced antimalware service, and patches to security breaches.

With all of these protections, you still have complete access to your data. However, your data cannot be accessed by anyone you do not grant access. Even when you send files and information over a public network, you can be sure you are protected by Office 365’s advanced cryptography and encryption.

Session Timeouts

It is not uncommon for some employees to forget to log out of their office 365 accounts, leaving their devices unlocked and data vulnerable. However, you can make use of the session timeouts feature of Office 365 to ensure that functionalities such as emails, and internal network sessions log out after 10 minutes. This would prevent your entire network from being vulnerable to hackers or data miners due to human error.

Office 365 makes it easier to use the collaborative platform elaborately and easily, without worrying about compromising security.

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